📽 LETS DO IT LIVE! #TeamKBS Sunday Chillout Session

Its Sunday, so its time for me to take things easy & chill out with the viewers/listeners of KBS. No ground breaking news or anything major, just some fun and woo and chat interaction #AnthonyPatchShow #FreakyFriday #TeamKBS Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/kevbaker Become a #TeamKBS Patreon……..

Scottish Shape Shifting Kelpies & The Loch Ness Monster | GROUND ZERO with Clyde Lewis & Kev Baker

Extract taken from Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, with special guests Steve Alten & Kev Baker… SEA REX! Click here for full monologue by Clyde Lewis…https://www.groundzeromedia.org/8-16-18-sea-rex-w-steve-alten-and-kev-baker/ Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis on soundcloud… https://soundcloud.com/groundzeromedia Ground Zero on YouTube… https://www.youtube.com/user/groundzeroradio Ground Zero on Twitter… If you…

Mysterious Foam Found Bubbling From The Ground In Michigan

– A mysterious substance has been found coming out of the ground in Melvindale, Michigan, and nobody can seem to figure out where it is. Residents downriver are wondering if the material bubbling out of the ground near the Marathon refinery is from the rain….

HUMAN TARGETS: The Hidden Hand Behind Global Gang Stalking w/Dr Eric Karlstrom

In this, the latest in our ground breaking series covering topics including mind control & gang stalking, Dr Karlstrom goes over an interview by an insider that exposes the hidden hand behind some of the worlds most evil acts. To help support KBS please subscribe…

Putin Bombs Anunnaki in Russia

Yesterday, mysterious flashes of light and ground -shaking explosions in Russia sparked fears of an alien invasion, a secret weapons test, or a United States nuclear strike on North Korea. Although the Russian Ministry of Defense refused to comment on the astonishing incident, our source,…