The Ice That’s Hotter Than The Sun

There are a few things we laymen know about the world aro… Bonus Videos & “Chemicals of Reality” Premium Video Available @ Narrated by Jack Daniel Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson …round us which we take as a given. We know that…

Rogan reacts to Caitlyn Jenner against gay marriage and hit and run

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1134 Joe Rogan and Kyle Dunnigan talk about being confused by Caitlyn Jenner’s stance against gay marriage and how her hit and run incident went away.

Rogan & McKenna go DEEP into Simulation theory

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1133 Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna talk about the possibility of living in a Computer Simulation.

Sea Creatures RAINING down On China & In The Eye Of A Solar Storm

Just a couple of stories that caught my attention today, one about sea creatures that have been raining down on China after a powerful storm hit the area. Then i get into a solar storm that we are being bombarded by right now, and whether…

Joe Rogan for The Rock and Oprah in 2020

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1132 Joe Rogan and Kyle Kingsbury talk about the possibility of the The Rock and Oprah winning the election in 2020.

Robots, A Theory About QanonSense & Creepy Ghost Stories | KBS Ep#934

Scott Lopez, Jimmy Genes & I talk about a video circulating that allegedly shows a robotic looking Meghan Markle & we explain what is really going on, and its not anything quite as weird as some may think. That leads us into a conversation about…

Supreme Court Says States Can Remove Voters Who Skip Elections, Ignore Warnings

Justice Samuel Alito noted in his majority opinion that about one in eight voter registrations in the USA are invalid or inaccurate. He said failing to vote cannot be the sole reason for purging voters, but Ohio “removes registrants only if they have failed to…

Rogan & Schoch on advanced construction of Egyptian bowls

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1124 Joe Rogan and Robert Schoch talk about the construction of Egyptian “pottery” and how advanced it was for the time period and even today.

What Is Really Behind Over 20 Recent Mystery Booms In Pennsylvania?

Explosions without explanation have erupted in a rural region about an hour north of Philadelphia more than 20 times in the last two months, and federal experts have now joined in the effort to solve the ear-popping mystery. The loud booms have awakened residents in…

The COLLAPSE Is Coming

The Global financial markets are about to fall off the biggest cliff ever recorded. What follows will give the average person nightmares. Thank you for watching. God Bless You All!