Evil Rising From Texas Vortex with Exorcist/Deliverancy Minister BILL BEAN

Im joined by The Spiritual Warrior, Bill Bean. This time Bill talks about a recent trip to Texas in which he experience paranormal activity on a massive scale. From the moment he drove into town & then with entities appearing, UFO’s in the sky &…

Colorado Springs Gets Hammered with Baseball Sized Hail

Baseball-sized hail fell in southern Colorado about 3 p.m. Monday. Areas of southern Colorado Springs, Security, Widefield, Fountain and Fort Carson were just slammed by HUGE hail stones, resulting in major power outages. The powerful storm pummeled the Cheyenne Mountain zoo with large hail which…

Rogan & John Joseph – Chappelle’s Half Baked delivery guy

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1152 Joe Rogan and John Joseph talk about when he used to be Chappelle’s weed delivery guy and that’s where he got the bit.

Rogan & Sean Carroll on NEW Death with Dignity Law

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1151 Joe Rogan and Sean Carroll talk about being as okay with death as they are with life.

Everything You’re Not Being Told About Cali & Greek Fires with ELANA FREELAND

Elana Freeland joins me in hour one of the show to talk about the strange weather & wildfires we are seeing around the world. From California to Greece, there are strange images & reports relating to the fires we have seen in recent time, which…

Rogan on Somali pirates watching Captain Phillips

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1149 Joe Rogan and Michael Scott Moore talk about when the Somali pirates were watching Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips with him while captured.

Scientists Detect Underground LAKE On MARS!

There is water on, or in, Mars! Great news coming out about an underground lake that has been detected beneath the southern pole of Mars. This will excite the likes of Elon Musk who is planning on colonising the red planet. However, this is not…

BREXIT & The Nazi Connection To The EU & The Royal Family w/Christopher Everard

Christopher Everard & Scott Lopez join me to lay out the inconvenient truth about the links between the EU, the Royal family & the Nazis. This is the information that you wont hear anywhere else. We said back before BREXIT vote that the EU would…

DeepMind AI Passes IQ Test, But Does It Really Think Like Us?

Some thoughts on a story about DeepMind creating an artificial intelligence that it claims can think logically and abstractly. But does it really think like us? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5958365/Googles-DeepMind-AI-training-machines-using-IQ-tests-improve-abstract-thought.html To help support KBS please subscribe to Truth Frequency Radio via my archive page here…. http://truthfrequencyradio.com/kevbaker/ Tune into…

Joe Rogan & Tony Rock on the war in Chicago

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1142 Joe Rogan and Tony Rock talk about different lifestyles and the current violence that is not being addressed in Chicago.