Footage From 1987 Shows A World That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Tweet After watching this, i was in shock. Just look how people treat each other, what happened to us? A memory to a long lost world. This was filmed at 7-11 and 2:30AM in Orlando FL. (Not my video) God bless you all, please treat…

The MOST IMPORTANT Video You Will Ever See! (2018-2019)

Tweet They have been keeping this from us for a very long time. Speaker – David Pawson Thank you all for watching, God Bless

The Bible Is Playing Out Like A Movie In 2018

Tweet Every single day, all over the world, events are fulfilling biblical prophecy on a scale we’ve never seen before. God bless you all

This Is What Happens When You Use Social Media (2018)

Tweet There is a reason all of the most successful people in the world don’t use social media. Thank you for watching

This Machine Shouldn’t Exist

Tweet Tesla never intended his invention to be used like this. Thank you for watchibg

Something SCARY Is Happening On The Hawaiian Islands

Tweet Most people have no idea just how big these lava flows are. With no end in sight, this situation could spiral out of control at any time. If you want to keep yourself updated, i would recommend Dutch(sinse) God bless you all!

Zoom Test On The Moon (4K)

Tweet Is it possible for a regular camera to zoom into an object over one quarter of a MILLION miles away? This video was sent to me by a friend over at The Experience Project, i was asked to share it with you all. (I…

The Star People From Ancient Times Are About To Return (2018-2019)

Tweet All over the world, in every country, UFO researchers are all coming to the exact same conclusions. (Speaker: Chuck Missler) Time is coming, Repent before it’s to late. God Bless you all,

Donald Trump’s Syria

Tweet They keep telling us they same story over and over again. How long will they keep up the lies? This situation could intensify, leading to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 in a matter of days- hours. Stay vigilant, stay alert and keep watch. Repent…

This Is Why Aliens RUN AWAY When They Hear The Name Of Jesus

Tweet There are tons of good UFO researchers out there, however they are all leaving out this very important fact. They are Fallen Angels and Disembodied nephilim hybrids. Gary Bates(speaker) will break it down for you, so simple that even a child can understand. Thank…