The Volcanic Swarm Cycle Back – Hawaii & Guatemala “Are An Opening Act”

The Volcanic Swarm Cycle Back - Hawaii & Guatemala

ET: We are seeing quite a bit of activity, most recently in Hawaii and Guatemala, in quite a dramatic fashion. What is your best guess of what could happen in the coming years? What regions could be the most impacted in your estimation?

EH: Based on these cycles, there are different regions being watched carefully during specific time periods in the coming years – and all of them being monitored throughout the entire 2018 – 2023 period.

I have been focused on Indonesia (quakes and volcanoes) leading into 2019 – when I expect a type of ‘crescendo’. Also, I am again watching some uncanny cycles related to major earthquakes in or surrounding Iran (on the Alpide Belt) that come back into focus in 2018… with the greatest synergy of cycles in late-2018, particularly Dec. 2018.

Japan seismic cycles also converge again in 2018 – 2019, as do some specific South American cycles. And, there are also North American/US cycles in focus, during a separate but overlapping period. These are discussed separately.

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