Transhumanism, Harvesting Earth & Big Brother

Transhumanism, Harvesting Earth & Big Brother

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The future of humanity isn’t human. Carrying over from the previous episode, we go in depth into one aspect of what Transhumanism is. We have to remember that even last year, President Vladimir Putin forewarned about Super Humans only for the latter part of the year to reveal that the Russians have indeed been working on water-breathing techniques via genetic tampering. Not strange enough for you? Well just a few weeks ago, China disclosed that they’ve been cloning monkeys.

Controversial topics such as this aren’t easy to tackle. We’ve got to read between the lines. A perfect example of understanding this level of cryptography is realizing why Elitists and Globalists such as Bill Gates don’t vaccinate their own children, but heavily endorse and even encourage the masses to do so. This may be a reason why people like Steve Jobs don’t let his children have access to Social Media or many of the Apple products.

In this episode we really look at the creeping power of these unelected Technocrats. These shadowy social engineers are growing in power and influence and what’s even stranger is society seems to be lackadaisically walking right into position. We’ve also learned that former CIA Director John Brennan, the same man who advocated for Stratospheric Aerosol Injections A.K.A. chemtrails, is now an analyst for the mainstream media, he and his cohorts within the CIA have infiltrated our educational and political system. Now we’re seeing the slow implementation of this authoritarian, all encompassing agenda.

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