Why Area 516 is One of the Most Paranormal Places on Earth – YouTube

A Truly Anomalous Place…We will present witnesses from the notorious area known as 516. “Here on the mountain, we know this stuff goes on….it’s just a part of everyday life. We notice, but like our Ancestors, we don’t bother them, and they don’t menace us”!

There has always a mystery on this mountain and the early 1970s a huge discovery was made as Archeologist dig a Paleno-era village with about 160 Skeletal remains. The mystery grows as there is documented testimony of American Indian tales of a Tall, Black Hairy creature and other strange things….now, residents still have these strange sightings of lights in the woods and sky and yes, there are tracks and sightings of very anomalous beings! This place has on-going professional investigation with a huge and very visible team of experts planning another full hard core visit this spring.