Classified “Black” Projects Exposing Special Access Aerospace Programs – YouTube

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Michael Schratt (Private Pilot/Military Aerospace Historian) Civillian Intelligence Operations (Midwest Director) Classified “Black” projects researcher, specializing in the exposure of un-acknowleged special access aerospace programs.Michael Schratt is also aviation historian. As a cutting-edge researcher into classified projects and unidentified craft he has met with and interviewed numerous scientists and aerospace engineers, pilots and executives from NASA and the defense industry. He investigates clues to planes that have been documented as having been flown by military from within both secret and top secret programs…

He firmly believes that American tax-payers have every right to know where our money is being spent. Many of the craft he has documented are being funded within black projects… And he states that billions are being spent today on these craft. Some will only be flown once. We will talk above a number of things including top secret aircraft, his beliefs on UFOs, Disclosure, and much more.

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