Clinton Destroys Evidence in Chappaqua House Fire

A mysterious fire broke out Wednesday at Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua mansion, located on the east bank of the Hudson River approximately thirty miles north of New York City. The blaze, which firefighters quickly extinguished, occurred at the Secret Service annex, an outbuilding not attached to the Clintons’ home. Moments after firefighters responded to the call, a Clinton spokesperson hundreds of miles away somehow had the facts at his fingertips, claiming that smoldering embers from a fireplace ignited upholstery. His comments, however, contradict information provided by our source and a statement given by a first responder.

In a statement given to ABC7 Eyewitness News, firefighter Brody Stowers said the fire was an atypical “Class A” fire. In firefighter terminology, Class A refers to a fire involving combustibles such as wood or paper, not fabric or upholstery. In a stricken comment, Stowers compared the Chappaqua fire to a scene in the novel Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian novel in which an oppressive government torches heretic literature.

“There was no evidence of burnt furniture, drapes, anything,” Stowers said. “But the charcoaled residue of paperwork floated in the air. It’s as if someone threw a thousand pages of paperwork into the fireplace, and in their haste to burn whatever they were burning, set fire to the building’s framework.”

Our contact, a former Clinton associate with day-to-day knowledge of Hillary’s movements, says the official story is a charade, and that Clinton laughed maniacally, chanting “he’s never gonna get me now,” as she tossed classified documents into a fireplace. Then, she oredered her “Secret Servants” to “burn and destroy” several reams of paperwork and an unknown number of SD cards.  The information contained therein, our source said, implicated Hillary in Pizzagate, Pedogate, the misallocation of government assets, and myriad of high crimes and misdemeanors, charges worthy of a lengthy stay at Guantanamo Bay.

She acted in response to a tipoff, our source said, that the Department of Justice planned to reopen an investigation into her mishandling of classified material and criminal misfeasance related to the Clinton Foundation. Our source said Trump urged the DOJ to “ramp up” efforts to incriminate Clinton. President Donald Trump, both as a candidate and in office, has repeatedly called for his former rival to pay for her crimes and on more than one occasion promised he would “lock her up.”

The Chappaqua fire is merely the latest example of a woman desperate to cover her tracks. Asked why Clinton had not destroyed all incriminating evidence when she whitewashed her email server, our source made the following observation:

“Clinton is a psychopathic narcissist. She covets her misdeeds as serial killer does body parts of his victims. She loves seeing how she’s fucked people over. She only destroys evidence once she goes into panic mode, which is again happening right now.”

If all information is accurate, and the DOJ is preparing sealed indictments, then perhaps Trump is draining the swap and, as individuals such as Qanon suggest, waging a silent war against treasonous indivudals that need a lifelong visit at the nearest prision

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