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Firstly, let me say there is an explicit warning for this episode. While we discuss the wealth of topics facing not only our generation, but the entire planet, me and Adam sit down to try and break down what it is we’re really doing. What is a revolutionary in today’s times?

It seems like, regardless of the answer to this question, some form of censorship, governance or oppression is encountered. In a society that’s on the teetering edge of change, what does success look like? We’re a generation proud to call ourselves “woke” yet afraid to do things differently, and somehow, we’ve found ourselves in the grips of the enemy abiding by their standards.

This episode, filled with a litany of swear words, hits the deeper parts of what’s going on in the conscious community, and our duty to better ourselves for the coming generations. Unlike the previous time we had Adam on, this episode was hit with a number of complications! It was a miracle that we were able to recover the file itself.

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