The Inconvenient Truth About The LUCIFER Telescope

By now im sure you have heard that the Vatican have a telescope on Mt Graham that has something called the LUCIFER device attached to it. But, what if i was to tell you that the LUCIFER device has NOTHING to do with the Vatican!…

Russia Looks to be Upgrading Nuclear Weapons Bunker, Kaliningrad Photos Suggest

Russia appears to have upgraded a nuclear weapons storage bunker in its Kaliningrad enclave, in the latest sign of Moscow’s increased emphasis on nuclear arms in its standoff with Nato, according to a new report. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has published satellite images…

The MOST IMPORTANT Video You Will Ever See! (2018-2019)

They have been keeping this from us for a very long time. Speaker – David Pawson Thank you all for watching, God Bless

Minnesota Cops Ordered Paramedics to Inject Suspects With Horse Tranquilizers

Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, have been ordered to “never suggest or demand” that paramedics use powerful horse tranquilizers on suspects, following a report that the practice had spiked in recent years. Learn More: Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Bitcoin- 1Nmcbook8TwAdtZHsMdVxRtjBnyrSArDH5 Bitcoin…

RED ALERT! Deadly Bird Flu Hits China Killing 40% Humans That Get It

Fears have been raised over the potential spread of a strain of bird flu that kills more than a third of people it strikes. H7N9 is currently circulating poultry in China – but the virus has also killed hundreds of humans and infected scores more….

Nibiru Cracking the Earth, says Dr. Ethan Trowbridge.

The destructive presence of a brown dwarf star and multiple orbiting planets have spawned new faults in the Earth’s crust, says Nibiru whistle-blower and former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge. While the USGS has acknowledged some newfound fault lines—one in London and another beneath Hollywood’s…

Astronomers Track Bizarre Objects Near Milky Way’s Central Black Hole

Astronomers have spotted more mystery objects near our Milky Way Galaxy’s central supermassive black hole. Permanently cloaked in a veil of gas and dust, the objects appear to be wholly natural and are thought to span the astrophysical gap between gas clouds and compact stellar-type…

NASA Mars Announcement Is Yet Another “Lifeless” Event

Its the announcement that space geeks have been waiting for ever since NASA announced they had made a major scientific breakthrough on Mars. Yet, as per usual, the whole hype and build up to the event was more exciting than the event itself. They have…

The Shocking Truth About Forced LIVE Organ Harvesting

FULL DESCRIPTION, LINKS & EXTRA INFORMATION … Over the course of the time I have being doing KBS we have uncovered some very uncomfortable truths along the way. These previous subjects shed light on the darker topics of satanic child abuse & human trafficking….

Huge Wildfires Consume Thousands of Acres In Colorado and New Mexico

Massive wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico have torched thousands of acres and forced hundreds to evacuate their homes. A blaze known as the 416 Fire in Colorado’s La Plata County has burned 1,100 acres, US Forest Service spokesman Jim Mackensen told CNN on Saturday….