…. What Are SCP Creatures? (Heart Attack Warning!)

What are SCP creatures? (Heart Attack Warning!) Because of the hazards associated with long time exposure to the briefing itself, all content must be learned, and all instructions must be followed carefully. Do not stop watching this video. You are watching Special Containment Procedure briefing…

Skin-walkers as told by Native Americans

Tales of skin walkers as told by native Americans are rare, because of the Navajo fear of the shapeshifter. For good reason, it is a taboo of the First Nation people to talk about the skinwalker, or write about it, or even think of it….

Near Death Experience Expert Says There is no such thing as Death

The significance of near-death experiences can hardly be exaggerated, because they point toward answers to The Great Questions — our origin, life’s meaning, and our destiny. There is no more courageous explorer of this domain than P. M. H. Atwater, who has been at the…

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