Right now’s assault jogs my memory

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Right now’s terrorist assault in Manhattan serves as one thing of a reminder. It appears like an injection of actuality into the fabricated partisan hysteria over collusion that in any other case suffocates us. It shoves the character of the struggle by which we’re engaged in our face the place it can’t be ignored for the second. It reminds us to be glad about the bravery and readiness of our first responders.

It additionally jogs my memory that I’m grateful Donald Trump is president and Hillary Clinton will not be. No euphemisms will probably be deployed to characterize the assault as one thing aside from what it’s. It jogs my memory that I’m grateful John “jihad is gorgeous” Brennan is now not Director of the CIA and that Mike Pompeo now serves in his place. It jogs my memory that I’m grateful now we have our greatest residents serving within the highest workplaces answerable for our nationwide safety.

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