Racism In Our Tradition: Are There Double Requirements?

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There are various double requirements in society in relation to racism today. Evidently the very notion of racism has been altered to suit the left’s concepts. Years in the past, to be a “racist” meant to really feel superior or dominant over one other race and deal with different races with little or no respect. Now, it appears that evidently solely whites might be racist, and blacks are at all times the “victims”.

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Why are issues worse after America’s first black president?

Barack Obama
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In 2008, we elected our nation’s very first black president, Barack Obama. This gave the impression to be step one in what many hoped to be a step in the direction of racial equality. Nevertheless, America’s downside with race didn’t finish when President Obama was elected.

As a robust conservative, President Obama didn’t signify my values. I’m utterly pro-life and will by no means vote for anybody who supported Roe v. Wade. Due to this fact, I didn’t vote for Obama. My choice had nothing to do along with his pores and skin coloration however reasonably his political values.

As pores and skin coloration doesn’t matter to me, I might gladly vote for any black candidate who shared my pro-life beliefs. But, I used to be referred to as racist as a result of I didn’t vote for him.

Did we name blacks who didn’t vote for Mitt Romney racist? No. Why, is it assumed that solely whites might be racist? As well as, I had mates who informed me that they solely voted for Obama as a result of he’s black and so they didn’t need to be racist.

The time period racist

In response to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the phrase racist means: “A perception that race is the first determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial variations produce an inherent superiority of a specific race.”

Which means that any race might be racist in the direction of one other. No, we can not change the dictionary simply because we don’t like what it means or as a result of we don’t just like the historical past behind it. We depend on the dictionary to offer our phrases meanings and with out it, there could be nothing to control our speech.

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Racial slurs            

These are unkind phrases meant to degrade sure races. Nobody must be utilizing these phrases not whites to whites, whites to blacks, blacks to whites and even blacks to blacks. The damaging connotation continues to be there regardless of who makes use of it.

So, why do blacks suppose it’s okay for them to name one another the N-word? Don’t they notice their hypocrisy and that they’re degrading themselves?

Black lives matter

Black lives matter logo

I utterly agree. Each black life issues even the unborn black infants. Nevertheless, Asian lives matter, Spanish lives matter, white lives matter. I don’t get offended when somebody says black lives matter. So, why do they get offended after I say that white lives matter and even blue lives matter?

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White privilege

I feel it’s ironic that this idea which is known as after my race is one thing that I’m not allowed to have an opinion on. As a Caucasian, I’m not allowed to debate this subject except I’m agreeing that sure, I’m privileged. If I disagree, I’m referred to as racist and proven research performed by liberals who utterly generalize your entire white inhabitants by saying that we’re privileged with out understanding a single factor about us individually. But, if we switched that and referred to as blacks victims, I’m all of a sudden deemed a white supremacist.

It could be thought of racist, however I’m proud to be white. God made me the best way I’m for a purpose and I’m proud to be his creation. I really like all my brothers and sisters of various ethnicities and am glad that we now have the liberty to be totally different and talk about our variations.

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