MSNBC Promo Laughably Claims: ‘That is Not an Echo Chamber’

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The most recent MSNBC advert absurdly tells viewers that the left-wing cable channel “just isn’t an echo chamber.” All proof on the contrary, the narrator of the promo claimed: “This isn’t a one-way road….This can be a dialogue….That appears on the world…and all it’s complexities….from each aspect.”

After all MSNBC is the very definition of an “echo chamber.” Hour after hour, liberal hosts discuss to liberal pundits selling the day’s liberal media narrative and spewing Democratic Get together speaking factors.

The community does have a handful of token “Republicans” and “conservatives” on workers, however usually these friends are solely introduced on to agree with their left-wing counterparts. In different phrases, it’s a “one-way road,” with no “dialogue” coming “from each aspect.”

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MSNBC has put out a sequence of questionable adverts over the previous yr. In July, the channel argued that the explanation for its frequent assaults on President Trump was due to its “love for the Structure” and “democracy.” Again in Could, left-wing prime time host Chris Hayes hinted at Trump’s impeachment whereas filming a promo from Washington D.C.’s Watergate resort. Within the run-up to the 2016 election, the community was desirous to tout Hillary Clinton declaring anchor Andrea Mitchell to be “my sort of girl.”

Here’s a transcript of the promo aired throughout the 9 a.m. ET hour on October 31:

9:19 AM ET

ANNOUNCER: This isn’t an echo chamber.

CHRIS HAYES: What’s the venture that the Republicans are pursuing?

ANNOUNCER: This isn’t a one-way road.

GEORGE WILL: Overturning the norms of American politics was a marketing campaign promise.

ANNOUNCER: This can be a dialogue.

MICHAEL STEELE: The obligations proper now for the members of my celebration is bear in mind your historical past.

ANNOUNCER: That appears on the world…

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That’s what “America First” means to me, nation over celebration.

ANNOUNCER: …and all it’s complexities…

RACHEL MADDOW: Don’t watch what they are saying, watch what they do.   

ANNOUNCER: …from each aspect.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It’s precisely what th founders of this nation imagined.

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