The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks: Pure Information to show the surprising true historical past of science and medication on November 7… see video trailer –

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The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks: Pure Information to show the surprising true historical past of science and medication on November 7… see video trailer

Friday, October 27, 2017 by: Mike Adams

(Pure Information) On November 7, 2017, Pure Information will launch a mind-blowing video lecture that paperwork the a number of vectors via which “science” and “medication” proceed a covert agenda to exterminate individuals of African descent from the human gene pool.

Going far past the Tuskegee medical experiments and Flint, Michigan lead poisoning schemes that particularly focused blacks — and are extensively acknowledged within the historic file — this gorgeous video lecture sequence by Mike Adams, a printed scientist and lab science director (CWC Labs), paperwork the 5 vectors via which Africans are at the moment being focused for elimination from the human gene pool.

See  the trailer of the video lecture beneath. MUST WATCH.

This video lecture, as soon as launched, shall be instantly smeared by the genocidal, eugenics-promoting mainstream media as a “conspiracy concept.” This is identical mendacity media that has incessantly pushed a totally false “Russian conspiracy” agenda for the final yr and not using a shred of arduous proof to again up their fictional narratives and fabricated “sources.”

In nice distinction to the faux information media that continually lies to the African-American group, this video lecture presents a mess of sources, research, information clips and even archived New York Instances articles that show past any query that an agenda exists proper now to particularly goal and exterminate blacks via 5 distinct vectors… together with covert infertility expertise and depopulation expertise funded by individuals like Invoice Gates.

As an actual scientist working for humanity, I couldn’t stay silent

As a forensic meals scientist (and writer of the #1 bestselling science e book Meals Forensics) the extra I regarded into meals, medication and science, the extra I turned conscious of this covert agenda to exterminate blacks. My compassion for all human beings demanded that I sound the alarm on this discovering and work to show this genocide being carried out within the title of science, medication, public well being and “international support.”

On condition that we’re all descendants from Africa — no matter our pores and skin shade — I can not deny that in the present day’s science dictatorship and medical tyranny is a weaponized depopulation instrument of destruction that makes the KKK look tame by comparability.

The true warfare towards blacks isn’t being waged by males in white pointy hats however by males in lab coats. The true assault on the African gene pool is being achieved via chemistry, medication and so-called “science.” And it’s all being finished within the title of “public well being” and “security” and non-profit entrance teams that secretly push agendas of genocide and ethnic cleaning. Certainly, the very individuals being exterminated are informed by Unicef, the WHO, the United Nations and the CDC that they’re being “protected” by science and medication. In fact, they’re being quietly exterminated and faraway from the human gene pool as a part of a longstanding ethnic cleaning marketing campaign that now not wants to make use of gasoline chambers, Zyklon B and bullets to perform their targets. As a substitute, they now work via meals, medication, immunizations and public water programs to systematically poison these of African descent.

One non-profit eugenics entrance group even calls its marketing campaign the “Get rid of Undertaking.” (You’ll see this documented within the full video being launched.)

Watch the highly effective trailer beneath. The total video lecture, launching November 7, is appropriate for broadcasting in church buildings, group organizations or dwelling viewing gatherings. As a part of this launch, I’m making myself out there for cellphone interviews with black group leaders and media teams who need to know extra about this science agenda to exterminate blacks.

Observe that I shall be viciously attacked, smeared and lied about for daring to publicly expose this agenda whereas revealing the darkish secrets and techniques of the science, meals and medication industries. The assaults shall be particularly heightened as a result of I’m a reputable printed scientist, lab science director, meals science e book writer, unbiased researcher and award-winning investigative journalist. The genocidal institution merely can not enable the reality about this agenda to be publicly recognized, in order that they do every thing conceivable to destroy the status of those that dare voice these truths and attempt to warn the black group. Such efforts is not going to silence me as a result of I don’t reply to them. I reply to a better energy, and I search to guard all lives from extermination, no matter pores and skin shade or nation of origin.

Learn extra breaking information on all this at Eugenics.information and Depopulation.information.

Supply: The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks: Pure Information to show the surprising true historical past of science and medication on November 7… see video trailer –

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