Apple Pressured To Restore Pro-Life Mobile App In Application Store

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Apple is one of the biggest names when it comes to electronics. While their products are expensive, they are known for their quality and durability. Recently, Apple caved to accommodate liberals when they removed a popular pro-life prayer app.

Human Coalition Prayer App

Human Coalition (HC) created the app back in 2013 as a way for pro-lifers all over the country to connect. The app’s purpose was simple: to save the lives of babies. The app would send alerts of women considering abortion to pro-lifers to pray for these women to choose life. The alerts were anonymous and based on women contacting women centers and crisis pregnancy centers.

Why the app was pulled by Apple

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The app was removed because it supposedly gave out personal information about the women considering abortion. However, this claim was false. Back in 2013, the app was tested and passed inspection. It wasn’t until liberals started protesting that Apple pulled the app. As the app was acceptable for the last four years, Human Coalition is arguing that the app was removed for being politically incorrect. HC has contacted Apple as they want to relaunch their app. However, Apple has been unresponsive and has still not given Human Coalition a clear answer on why their app was removed and what HC can do to fix the problem.

“There is a growing trend in the U.S. to attempt to deter or silence Americans who oppose the fatal discrimination against preborn children,” said Brian Fisher, co-founder, and president of Human Coalition. According to Luke Dormehl, writer at Cult of Mac, Apple does not have clear rules and regulations when it comes to apps. So, why won’t they relaunch this prayer app?

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Since communicating with Apple has gotten nowhere for Human Coalition, they have decided to take their case to the public. They have created a petition and are asking for signatures to support their cause.

If you support the pro-life movement, why not sign the petition and help Human Coalition. It only takes a minute, and all you need to provide is your email address. Click here for the petition page.

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