Anarchist Black Bloc Tactics Are Coming to Seattle On Nov 4

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On November 4, anarchists in Seattle will “become ungovernable.”

Anarchist demonstrations are no longer a rarity in America. Indeed, Antifa groups regularly make headlines and are apparently mainstream enough for Teen Vogue.

antifa stalks conservative students at berkeley

However, an upcoming rally in Seattle is shaping up to be a real standout. Technically, it is just one of many anarchist and leftist demonstrations planned for November 4. What differentiates this event from the collective is its somewhat open discussion of tactics.

Indeed, these Seattle rally organizers explicitly call for “Black Bloc” tactics. These are, in short, those tactics which involve the donning of masks and protective gear. This makes Black Bloc protesters unidentifiable, and also better able to resist the police. Unsurprisingly, Black Bloc tactics are associated with violence, property damage, and general chaos.

That some rally organizers are openly encouraging Black Bloc tactics is, again, unique. Other anarchists and leftist rallies have tended to advertise themselves as anti-racist, or “standing up against hate.” The November 9 rally in Montreal presents itself in this way. Nowhere in its promotional materials do exhortations to “Black Bloc” tactics appear. Rather, the focus is on stopping “far-right” violence. They are simply “folks opposed to racism,” not masked, angry anarchists.

Black Bloc tactics aren’t just for right-wingers! We use them against other leftists, too.

In an online “call to action,” Insurrectionary Youth Action delineates their goals. They are a “new group of insurrectionists based out of the Pacific Northwest,” and speak accordingly. In response to the “ascendancy” of “white supremacy,” which “[threatens] the lives of those in [their] community,” they feel compelled to “radical action.” This involves “[fighting] back against pig violence,” and, apparently, crashing events.

An Antifa supporting student at the University of Washington has been tearing down CR posters to make them feel
PC: John Minchillo

In fact, the IYA intends to crash a protest organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party, who they mock as “mindless.” The IYA will use the event to “instigate radical action against the current regime.” Again, an insurrectionary action is what they want – black masks and all.

Do you think the November 4 rally in Seattle will be a standout? Let us know in the comments below!

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