Modern Family actress shows her love for guns on Instagram

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via Instagram

Ariel Winter, best known for her role as Alex on the TV show “Modern Family,” is showing off her love for firearms; she posted pictures of herself, holding a handgun and a couple rifles on social media.

The black and white photos were taken at Los Angeles Gun Club after she completed a firearm safety course and have received close to 150,000 likes on Instagram. The caption reads, “Prepping for the zombie apocalypse obviously.” She tweeted, “When you pass your firearm safety test and get your certificate.”

This isn’t Winter’s first time showing her support for the Second Amendment. She has previously posted a video of her shooting, making it seem as if firearms are a passion of hers.

Social media is full of mixed reviews, of course, but many are happy to see the star defending herself. Others are applauding Winter for being a responsible firearm owner, by completing the safety training.

“Nice trigger safety! Enjoy your constitutional rights!” tweeted one supporter.

While most comments were positive, not all were.

“Guns are not the solution. Not something you should be proud of,” one detractor posted.

Due to the politicization of this issue, it is rare for someone in Hollywood to publicly display their support of shooting, self defense, and common sense gun ownership. Most celebrities are more comfortable with fake props in action movies.

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